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AMFHR Annual Report 2012

AMFHR Annual Report 2012

Assalamu Alaykum,

As another year comes to an end, AMFHR would like to say THANK YOU for supporting our organization. Alhamdulilah, AMFHR has been able to accomplish many of the goals throughout this past year, including soup kitchen events in various churches and mosques, canned food drives, and our Qurbani meat collection program. Along with those projects, AMFHR has successfully opened a new chapter in Philadelphia! Below is a summary of the events we were able to accomplish in the year 2012.

AMFHR Soup Kitchen Events 2012

This year AMFHR has expanded its feeding program across New Jersey into New York and Pennsylvania. Nonetheless, we are still concentrated in the New Jersey area, and have been focusing our efforts on the most needed areas. Below is a chart that illustrates the amount of soup kitchen events at various locations across New Jersey and the tri-state area. Inter-Faith Relations

2012 Soup Kitchens
Inter-faith Activities
AMFHR has also been building inter-faith relations, by working with various Churches to hold Soup Kitchen Events for the local community. AMFHR works closely with the Rahway Presbyterian Church throughout the year to provide hot meals for the homeless in the area. AMFHR has also been donating baked goods and canned food to Lakewood’s Tent City run by Reverend Steve.

2012 Soup Kitchens



AMFHR in the Muslim Community

As part of our overall message, AMFHR seeks to shed a positive light to the Muslim community. AMFHR has been working with many Islamic Institutions, including various Islamic Schools, Masjids. Islamic schools like: ICOB Academy, UMA Sunday School, Baytul-Iman, Al Ghazali, Pioneer Academy in Hackensack, Crescent School in Long Island, and Darul-Arqam, have been deposit sites for our canned food collection. These canned food drives have been held on and off throughout the year, all supplies have been donated to various Food Banks, shelters, as well as individual families who have been in need.

ICOB Academy Baytul Iman Academy Darul-Arqam Al Ghazali Pioneer Academy Crescent School
• Institute of Islamic Information, Parlin
• IQRA Community Services, East Brunswick
• Darul-Islah Masjid, Teaneck
• Minhaj ul Quran, Hackensack
• Masjid Nida ul Islam, Teaneck
• Islamic centre of ocean county, Toms River
• Masjid Bilal, Toms River
• Jaame Masjid Bellmore, Bellmore NY
• Hillside Islamic Center, New Hyde Park, NY
• Islamic Center of Long Island (ICLI), Westbury, NY

Feed Philly Project

As part of our expansion effort, AMFHR has opened up a new chapter in Philadelphia, PA, under the leadership of Dr. Hamza Shaikh and his wife Farah Shaikh. To mark the beginning of this new chapter, AMFHR took on the ambitious Feed Philly Project, where we were able to feed over 1200 people across seven shelters, three mosques, and two churches
Feed Philly.
Ramadan 2012

Ramadan is a blessed time of the year, and each year we strive to further help Muslim families in need. This year, AMFHR introduced our Ramadan Food Baskets which were made up of various food items that would allow a family in need to observe Ramadan with a comfortable Iftaar Dinner throughout this holy month. Food items were collected in various Islamic schools and masjids. In total, AMFHR volunteers were able to deliver these Food Baskets to 200 families.

Feed Philly
Qurbani Meat Collection

Along with our Ramadan Food Baskets, AMFHR also collected Qurbani Meat to give to Muslim families in need. This has become an annual event, and the response we received from our supporters was truly amazing. This was done in conjunction with many Halal Meat Stores, which served as deposit sites for the Meat Collection. AMFHR was able to collect an astounding 3000 lbs of meat this year, and with the help of our volunteers, we were able to distribute them to families all across New Jersey, as well as New York.

Thanks Giving Weekend Programs

On the day of Thanksgiving November 22nd the organization went to Newark and the surrounding area to provide food .
The event led by the chair Ghani Khan and guided by local muslim leaders went to multiple shelters to distribute food in front of them. The food was distributed to people of the shelters and many others who passed by and were in need of food (rice and chicken platter, water, bananas, granola and chocolate bars). The organization is dedicating its efforts to providing food for needy and will continue to strive.
A special thanks to the ICOB Academy for sponsoring the food for this event. Also a huge thanks to our dedicated volunteers who made all this possible by working relentlessly

See more pics at

AMFHR - Thanks Giving - Newark

Muslims and Jewish Event at Hempstead to help Sandy Victims
Our Muslim Jewish twinining event was very successful yesterday at County clerk office for Town of Hempstead. American Muslims for Hunger Relief- AMFHR donated boxes of canned food and blankets to Supervisor of Town of Hempstead, Long Island.
A coalition of Long Island mosques and synagogues, Muslim and Jewish schools and organizations were present at the event, including the Islamic Center of Long Island (Westbury), Temple Israel (Lawrence), Long Island Muslim Society (East Meadow), Temple Sinai (Roslyn Heights), Solomon Schecter School (Jericho), Crescent School ( Hempstead), Masjid Darul Quran (Bay Shore), American Muslims For Hunger Relief (AMFHR) and The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and donated blankets, warm coats and non-perishable food items.

AMFHR - Hempstead

Your donations are Tax Exempt.

Donate to AMFHR Project

You can help us fulfill our Islamic obligations, as well as your own, by donating money or by volunteering your services to help feed your community’s hungry and homeless. In this time of growing ecomonic hardship, there is an even greater and more pressing need to help families who are having a difficult time gettting back on their feet.

It is narrated on the authority of ‘Abdullah b. ‘Amr that a man asked the Messenger of Allah (may peace and blessings be upon him) which of the merits (is superior) in Islam. He (PBUH) remarked: That you provide food and extend greetings to one whom you know or do not know.(Muslim)

Please circulate this flier among family, and friends. Also please post this in your Mosque and other public areas.

Volunteers must be at least 12 years of age, and must register AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please volunteer your time to this great cause.

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