Feed the Hungry and Spread the Peace

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American Muslims for Hunger Relief

The AMFHR (American Muslims for Hunger Relief) is grassroots organization to serve the hungry and homeless with compassion, dignity,and respect without any discrimination of color, race, gender or religion.

On the day of Thanksgiving November 22nd the organization went to Newark and the surrounding area to provide food .

The event led by the chair Ghani Khan and guided by local muslim leaders went to multiple shelters to distribute food in front of them. The food was distributed to people of the shelters and many others who passed by and were in need of food (rice and chicken platter, water,bananas,granolaandchocolatebars). The organization is dedicating its efforts to providing food for needy and will continue to strive.

A special thanks to the ICOB Academy for sponsoring the food for this event. Also a huge thanks to our dedicated volunteers who made all this possible by working relentlessly

See more pics at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.498098026889823.120000.261724973860464&type=1&l=a80af68f5b

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