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Sandy – A trial for those were affected and a trial for the rest of us

This article by  Mohammed Yusuf Dadani

Sandy – A trial for those were affected and a trial for the rest of us
“We have made some of you a trial and a means for testing others ……” (Al-Qur’an 25:20)

Most of us who believe in a deity and consider themselves as ultimately answerable to him for their deeds, acknowledge that trials and tribulations are part of worldly existence.

As Muslims, we understand that nothing happens in this world without the express will and permission of the Almighty and that natural calamities are not the actions of a blind ‘mother nature’ but rather happen because Almight Allah wills them to happen.
Hoewever, at the same time it is human tendency to think that those who are affected by natural disasters are the ones who have been put into trial and tribulations by their creator.

Whereas, those who escaped a calamity or were only mildly affected by it, are somehow not being tried and tested.

Not so, says the Qur’an. Rather we are informed by Allah Ta’ala through his Majestic book that each one of us is being tried and tested at all times. Sometimes the test is through tribulation and calamity and destruction of wealth, property and life of  near and dear ones, or sickness – and most people recognize these as such, but the more difficult test and the one that normally escapes most people, is the test through ease and comfort while there is misery all around.
This is indeed the more difficult test and this is the test that those who survived the hurricane that affected so many people, are now being put to.

Yes, brothers and sisters those of us who were lucky to have not suffered any or very little damage due to the hurricane are being tested by Allah Ta’ala through those who weren’t so lucky.
While Allah Ta’ala is testing those who lost a lot, he is testing us too who didn’t loose much except a few days of electricity.

So let us be aware of this trial and not just forget about last week as just a bad nightmare. Let’s do something for our neighbors and for our brothers and sisters in humanity – many of whom have no roof over their heads or no home to go back to, or whose belongings are destroyed or who still do not have power in their homes and are huddling in evacuation shelters.

Please join hands with AMFHR to provide relief to those affected by the storm and present the best of what Islam and Muslims have to offer to this country and our fellow citizens.

Here is what you can do:

1. Hold a canned food and toiletries drive at your Masjid and deliver the items to your local or nearby evacuation center. The best canned food are those that can be eaten directly from the can and don’t need to be cooked  e.g. tuna, chick peas, kidney beans, canned fruits, beets, artichoke hearts. Don’t forget baby items such as diapers, wipes, lotions, toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, shampoos, feminine hygiene, dental care and so on.

2. Ask your local shelter if they will accept clothing and what kind of clothing, and then do a collection specifically for the items that they have asked for.

3. Collect portable lights, batteries, power cords and other items that will be needed for people to clean out their homes that have suffered water damage.

4. Collect monetary donations and use them to buy supplies requested by your local shelters or send the money to AMFHR for use in the relief effort.

If you know of any shelters in your vicinity that are looking for in-kind donations, please let us know and we will be glad to help.

Mohammad Yusuf Dadani

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