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2020 Thanksgiving Food Drive

Goal $10,000

Halal Turkey


American Muslims for Hunger Relief are here to help those in need for the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving.
This year, the Muslim Officers Society of New Jersey have kindly offered to help us distribute Thanksgiving food baskets to local families in need. The food baskets including halal turkey.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 before Thanksgiving, which will be used towards purchasing Thanksgiving related food items for these baskets, and to create as many food baskets as can possibly be provided with the funds. Our volunteers, alongside the Muslims Officers Society of NJ will distribute these baskets in time for everyone to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Many families in the area are struggling to put food on the table this year, especially with the loss of jobs during the recent pandemic. Their families deserve to smile and to celebrate this occasion with their loved ones as well. Thanksgiving is all about being grateful, and while we are being grateful, it’s important to remember those who are not as fortunate as us, and to offer a hand to help them. You can contribute to this cause at:

At AMFHR, we strive to fight hunger in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and the community at large. We provide for all families and individuals in need, regardless of race or religion. You can find out more about our causes at